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A number of people have contributed to the work that is featured on this site. My thanks to each of them.

Honors Theses:

Kuruvilla, Beena (2008). The Effects of Video Game Play on Threat Simulation Dreams.

Olischefski, Jordan (2008). Individual Differences in Presence and Performance During Video Game Play.

Le, Hau Trong (Jason) (2009). The Relationship Between Video Game Play and Nightmares.

Dopko, Raelyne (2009). The Relationship between Video Game Play, Dream Bizarreness and Creativity.

Rosie, Mathew (2010). Dream Incorporation of Video Game Play as a Function of Interactivity and Fidelity.

Swanston, Daniel (2011). Morning After Dreams of Video Game Players and Meditators.

Independent Study Students and Research Assistants Past and Present:

John Bown
M. Kuchinsky
Gabriel A. Mandel
Ian Matty
Kimberly Masliuk
Ashley Samaha
Tyler Sample
Misty Tomashewsky
Heather Von Stackelberg
Alexis Zederayko
Christie Hall
Keyfer Mathewson
Carson Flockheart
Mary-Lynn Ferguson
Mycah Darlington

Thank you to Grant MacEwan University for sponsoring the mounting of all issues of Lucidity Letter on this website as well as on MacEwan’s library website. Grants from GMU paid for two student assistants, Heather von Stackelberg and especially Jessica Mair, who prepared these issues.

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