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Jayne Gackenbach received her Ph.D. in psychology in the U.S. at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1978. She is currently a Psychology professor at Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
For the first 20 years of her career she focused on research into dreams, and especially lucid dreams, with several books and many articles and book chapters. Her books include:

It seemed an odd shift to begin work on new media including the internet and video games in the last third of her career. But when she bought her son a Nintendo in the mid-1990’s she became aware of its pull. Thus began over a decade of research, publication and media interviews on the internet and video game play.

  • She has several books on these topics including:

  • She has focused upon the impact of gaming on various states of consciousness including dreams, flow, and absorption. She has 18 refereed journal publications and four book chapters on video game play as well as several dozen papers presented at professional conferences.  Jayne also co-teaches a course at Grant MacEwan University on video games covering the psychological side. She also teaches two courses in Communication Studies online for Athabasca University which deal with computers and human communication.
  • Her most recent work on video game play was featured in over 100 media outlets and included magazines, newspapers, and news agencies such as the Wall Street Journal, Popular Science, New Scientist Magazine, Bottom Line Women’s Health, LiveScience, XBox Magazine, Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun as well as both Edmonton papers. Online news agencies such as MSNBC, Yahoo news and Canwest covered this research. There was also international coverage with interviews from journalists in England, Australia, Brazil and the Netherlands. Radio and television coverage of my work in the last 6 months included, BBC London, CBC Edmonton and Calgary, and Global TV.

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